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Fuel Cleaning

Keep your fuel free of water, microbes and other problems with the help of our specially built truck. Make your fuel "on spec" at a low cost with this environmentally friendly form of tank cleaning.

Patented Solutions

DieselCare offers many innovative and patented solutions for keeping your fuels top quality.

The new technology gives you the best product

Keep your fuel "on spec"

Eliminating water in Diesel

DieselCare's many innovative and patented solutions eliminates water in diesel and help keep the diesel clean from microbes

Per Jahnsrud

Extensive experience with his 40 years in the petroleum business, selling services realated to problems caused by microorganism growth.

Diesel Polishing

We have special equipment developed specifically for cleaning both tanks and the fuel itself.

Knut Skårdalsmo

With nearly 30 years in the business, Knut is now recognized as one of the leading experts on fuels and internal combustion engines in Scandinavia

AquAway - Keep your tank free of water at all times